DM Caught up with FINIS MUNDI for another… Exclusive Interview!!!

Ladies and Gents… An evolving SHOWCASE that gets you up close and personal with some of Dendera Music’s Favorite Artists, DJ’s & Producers! Tropical House is gaining momentum and adding to our Exclusive line up in this category, I present to you…

 Finis Mundi



The Swedish based, SAE Stockholm Alumni, has emerged with several independent mixes that have gained some serious attention online. With confidence and calculation, he seems to have the right idea as to how he plans on achieving his dreams and confiscating the MOON… 😉

DM: I have already listened to your latest new release a few times today, what made you pick Fergie’s ‘Glamorous’ track?

“Haha, that’s good news! It’s going quite slow in the beginning but I am progressively building it up!

…The reason why I picked the track was actually because a friend of mine, Dyliuz (if you would like to know!) from school made a remix of it! His remix is sooo smooth, it’s actually the track I referenced when I produced my own mix of it! Ultimately, I wanted to put my own spin on it. A version that was not as heavily ‘Progressive House’… (Oh god he’s going to punch me when he sees this)… I felt the whole theme would match up nicely with a more ‘Tropical House’ sound, so I decided to remix it that way!… In my case, living in a cold country like Sweden – I dream daily of the tropics and the ‘glamor‘ that comes out of it!… Let’s just say it was my interpretation of Dyliuz remix ála Finis Mundi style!”

DM: Your Lisa Mitchell track ‘Neopolitan Dreams’ has gained a lot of play as of late, and these are 2 completely different styles. If you were to put an album together, would we see this kind of genre spread?

“I agree that both of them are completely different styles! And yes, I can actually imagine that – it’s a nice way for me to show the listeners that I can broaden myself, and still somehow appeal to the same audience. If I were to work on a full album, I would make sure that I’m going for a specific style, and let “Glamorous” be the official teaser of what I have the potential to do! 🙂 “

DM: Are you anticipating an official album, potentially?

“I keep saying to my vocalists that I want to work on an EP, but then I always fall for an acapella/track that sucks me in, and I just have to make a remix out of it!
I have a few originals I am working on, but remains to see how it will end! …I’ll let time tell!”

DM:  I would assume it’s definitely something you can’t force out of yourself and it happens when you’re REALLY wanting to make it happen. But, it sounds like we should potentially keep watch for the possibility of some original Finis Mundi in the not too distant future!   

So on your bio information it says you are from Stockholm AND the Philippines. Would you mind explaining how that is?

“Exactly! My mother is from Philippines! The reason why I have it noted is because I constantly stay in touch with producers from over there. Two years ago, a guy named Justin found me via Soundcloud, and introduced me to the Philippino music scene. Ultimately, it has resulted in quite big fan base. Which has even resulted in students looking for my feedback, of whom I’ve been happy to help out. I want to show them my appreciation by representing the country with them and that I’m a part of their scene! …They were so proud of me when I hit 100,000 plays on Neopolitan Dreams!”

DM: That’s so great, and thank you for sharing that with us! Music has such a global grasp on the world and can connect people in so many ways. I love to see the Global map tracker for my site.  It’s incredible that people from countries I have never even heard of have visited my page, and I am grateful to be connected to the Philippines now, thanks to you! 😉 

How old were you when you started mixing/producing?


SAE Institute Stockholm offers education in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Songwriting and Music Business. SAE Institute is the worlds largest educator in creative media.

“Summer of 2012! When I graduated, my father bought me equipment to build a studio! We were both producers, and pianist, so he knows my passion for music!  During the summer I got a private teacher, seeing as how I got in to the SAE Institute here in Stockholm, I could spend the whole summer getting prepared.” 

DM: That’s pretty amazing for a couple of reasons! First of all, what an awesome graduation gift! And how cool is that, that you and your Dad can relate with music! …Just a little fun fact, I actually play piano as well (hence the picture of the amazing grand piano in the SAE studio!) I just had to include it because it looked like such a great set up!  …So, adding to that whole aspect of “who is YOU?”, that is pretty impressive that you had started this craft barely 2 yrs or so ago, AND can affiliate your musical repertoire with such a prestigious and reputable institution! Good for you! I’m sure a lot of people will be just a surprised as I am to learn these details about you.

Now, is there anyone you would consider to be a mentor? Anyone you look up to?

“Yes, I can consider Justin  a mentor to me. We don’t keep in touch as much since we live in different timezones, but he’s always been sure to remind me to keep my feet on the ground.
I’ve had other mentors before, but no one like Justin. He’s been there since the very beginning, and I’m to a point now, where I’m doing just fine without one 🙂

DM: Any collaborations in the works with other like producers?

“Not necessarily right now however, me and Melou (formerly Alexander Andrésen – made an awesome edit of “Just One Day”!) are planning on a collaboration! We live in the same place, so we’re constantly talking, and supporting each other! I’ve also been in touch with a guy named Andie Roy from the States. He’s going to visit Stockholm soon, and the 3 of us are going to work on a track together… that is if I’m not getting way to lazy and fat during the winter – which I have a tendency to be!” 

DM: So, Little Dragon are from Gothenburg, are you a fan of their music? They were actually in Orlando yesterday and so was Benny Benassi. That’s a tough choice for music fans, if you could pick between them, whose show would you go to? 🙂

Grrr… Gothenburg! I’ve heard of Little Dragon but they’re not really my type of music! Though, I’m amazed by what they have accomplished. It’s actually a nice sound they’ve got and I hope they keep rising. The funny thing is, I’m not really a fan of Benny Benassi either, haha! …So, I would have to say Little Dragon after all – for if nothing else, an avenue of inspiration, both in the producing and the business way!… They have officially gained a new follower now!” 🙂

DM: I can bet that they appreciate the official endorsement! 😉 …So how about you? Any upcoming appearances, gigs, festivals… We all want to know!

“I’m such of an boring artist that I have actually no gigs, nor festivals on the road… However, I am currently working on my upcoming alter ego! But first, the main priority of course, is yours truly – Finis Mundi! Wohooo!”

DM: Haha! That’s awesome! You definitely have plenty of character to go around! And it has been so great learning more about you! So do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get to where you’re going?

“To realize that no one will knock on your door to deliver tons of plays to you. In my opinion, there’s no reason to produce, if you don’t want to do the work to be heard!  Like I always say!… Don’t WISH for things to be easier, WILL yourself to be better!”

DM: Oh! I have another question Tyler… Where did the name Finis Mundi come from?

Haha, Dyliuz asked me that question two days ago!… During my time in SAE, the focus was mainly house music, which Sweden is pretty good at. My first year as a producer, I was working on a previous account (which I am not so proud of hehe). However, I had a few un-house related beats I wanted to keep, so I made a new Soundcloud called “Finis Mundi”… which, in the beginning was just a reminder to myself that this s*** is the real deal! The name came from a track I heard called Finis Mundi. Even though it sounded a little weird, I didn’t really put that much time into thinking about a “cool name”. During the beginning of this year I released my first track under the name Finis Mundi, which was a remix of Kim Cesarion – Undressed and I thought – “Hey, this name is pretty okay after all”.  After doing some research, I found out that the true meaning behind “Finis Mundi” is actually “The end of the world” in Latin… if I’m not wrong? I actually find it pretty funny that some Suedes reference it to the spoken language-word “finis”,which in Swedish means “fine”, so some think it’s “fine mundi” to be correct haha!” …But for me, the true meaning is – it’s weird, it’s different and it’s awesome!

DM: Okay, so last question, I promise!  How do you know Mozambo? I happen to catch the small details, and it looked like they were giving you a fair share of love on a few of your tracks.

We haven’t got to know each other that well, but the more I learn about who these 3 guys really are – the more I like and appreciate them, they are soooo nice! I owe them a favor and a moon once I reach the next level!”

DM: I love those guys! They were such a pleasure to work with on their feature and they continue to support Dendera since! …Love, Love, Love Mozambo!

Well, from everything I’ve learned about you Mr. Fine Mundi (haha!), – and if my official opinion makes a difference to anyone – Not necessarily “Rolling Stone” Magazine over here! 😉 –  I’m really impressed! Not only with your music and creativity, but by your poise and what we call “steadfast”. A lot of younger people in this industry hang onto that big brother/sister like a life saver in the ocean, not really having that courage to just swim. It looks to me like you’re prepared for everything that rocks your boat and you are going to make sure that boat is rocking to a FINIS MUNDI beat!  Keep doing what you’re doing and be sure to keep Dendera posted along the way!  I’m excited to see where your music takes you!

All the Best! ❤



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