Another DM Exclusive Interview!!… Autograf!

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 Leave Your “AUTOGRAF


“What started out as a desire to “make art,” turned into a curiosity to make music…”

As I learn more and more about the Art Collective that is Autograf, it is a constant and undeniable curiosity and evolution that seems to be carrying this eclectic collaborative to the top of web-based charts. Autograf has “made their mark” amongst the most notorious of web hosted music sites, Indie Shuffle,, ThisSongIsSick, Thump/Vice, Dancing Astronaut, Gotta Dance Dirty, and Earmilk, to name a few. I was fortunate enough to snag Mikul for a quick interview, in the middle of a busy and exciting Live Show tour, scheduled through December 15th.

DM: Of Course I have to ask how the 3 of you came together for the collective?

“I was born and raised in CHICAGO, Louis is originally from N.C., and Jake is from LEXINGTON, K.Y.  We’ve known each other 5 yrs, originally connected by Art, when we decided to form Autograf about a year ago… the music portion anyway. We didn’t go to school for audio production or anything like that. We learned through real world experience and just doing it, motivated by our passion for creating more.”

DM: If I understand correctly, Futurist Factory is pretty much the Fashion & Art side of Autograf? What was the vision behind starting a brand.”

“We wanted to create a clothing line/Brand that encapsulates the Art and Music collectively”

DM: It seems as though you all contribute in your own unique way, how do you each make your own mark on the group?

“Jake went to school for Sculpture, I went for Design. Autograf was something that originated through our art and clothing/fashion line, of which evolved into the music project and visual art going hand in hand. Jake knows how to do a lot of the carpentry and technical elements that go into our props, and we build everything ourselves from scratch – Such as the props for the Warhol show”


DM: I saw the video for the Warhol event, and found that it wasn’t until seeing it, did I fully understand the concept and message behind Autograf. What goes into putting a show like that together? The props, the logistics, etc?…

“We rented out a 3 car garage to build the props, Lou’s art work, and most venues have stage hands and such to assist with the set up.”

DM: On your tour currently, are the shows also staged so creatively? That is such a bonus for fans.


Jake and the Electric Marimba

“Usually, they very from venue to venue. In L.A. we’re incorporating an electric marimba.”

DM: I came across your picture of a new addition to your live show tool kit, the Djembe, have you already started to incorporate it?

“Yeah, actually we have made some samples from it that we plan to utilize in future songs.”

DM: You mentioned your live show features custom Midi instruments. So, could you describe what fans could expect as a bonus element?

“It creates somewhat of a ‘do it yourself’ feel…building from scratch. We’re really able to change up the overall experience of the live show, rather than recreating exactly what is done on the records.”

“For us, the beauty about the Future is the endless possibilities it holds. In essence, it’s a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. We’d love nothing more than to ‘build’ and ‘make’ a Future that’s all our own. That means doing everything ourselves from scratch, bringing the hand of the artist back. So as we’ve been building a studio in the backyard and developing our new live show, we wanted to start this new “Future Nites” series of remixes and originals with an eye on creating music for these live performances…”

DM: I saw that you guys have been working on the new studio! How’s that coming along? 1424408_633471316768537_3819507027384188380_n

“We’re almost done with it! Should be complete within the next few weeks.”

 DM: Did you receive some good ‘Visiting Vocalist’ nominations from your facebook fans? 

“Definitely…some undiscovered vocalists, which is exciting. We’re working on some originals to be announced soon.” 

 DM: Any upcoming gigs or shows you’re excited about?

“We’re actually heading down to Miami for ‘Art Basel‘ ”

 DM: If you could pick any show to play, which would it be?

“There actually is one show that I’d definitely like to check out, ‘Burning Man’.

Yeah I’ve heard about it, and it sounds pretty intense! Seems like something that should have Autograf’s name all over it! It almost reminds me of an Art, meets Rainbow Gathering, meets Mad Max, meets Steam Punk, in the middle of a the desert! 🙂


Scott-London-Burning-Man-2011-2 GrooviksCube Burning-Man-HD1-e1280920241599 burning-man-10


“We added a marimba to the live set, so it was natural to use it for Issue 1 of “Future Nites”, a remix we did for Dirty South. Live instrumentation will be an important part of our performances and songs, but “Future Nites” will stay true to the club. As summer turns to fall, and day turns to night, we hope that you’ll paint these empty canvases of endless possibilities with us. You do it by sharing and blasting music out into the world, with every action you make. It’s about leaving your mark on the world. It’s about leaving your Autograf. This is Future Nites.”

– Autograf

DM: Is there anyone you could consider a mentor?

“Again, we just learned from the having a drive to do it. We pretty much self-taught through forums, talking to people in Production and connecting with people on the internet.We actually still talk to people across the world that we connected with and we just continue adapting and utilizing all the resources that are out there.”

DM: Regarding the forums, are there any specifically, you would suggest to inspiring musicians/producers to look into?

Djtechtools & livestuff… there are several out there.”

DM: That’s awesome! I’m sure someone out there, aspiring to learn, will really appreciate that.

I won’t keep you too much longer, and I definitely appreciate you taking the time to do this interview! In closing… What is your ultimate vision for Autograf? Or should I say, how are you planning to ultimately make your mark on the world? Considering, you have already done so, so successfully. Where’s it take you from here?”

“We’re about continuing to represent our creativity, leaving our Autograf. Knowing that whatever you do, will leave your mark, and that’s what it’s all about. Exploring…inspiring…and having a passion for doing it.”

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