Another DM Exclusive Interview!!… Enock!

An evolving SHOWCASE that gets you up close and personal with some of Dendera Music’s Favorite Artists, DJ’s & Producers!

enock graphicsEnock: (Via ~ A guy’s name. Also spelt “Enoch”. Biblical name. A very calm and collected person who prefers keeping his emotions hidden. Able to forgive others very easily. Determind and always thinking ahead. A very cool guy to those who know him…

The name defined almost parallels the style of Enock’s self proclaimed “Folk-House” vibe.  His blend is so calm and collected, but yet it taps into an emotional side of House, that just may invoke a forgiveness and appreciation for satisfying your soul with Love, Life & Music.

enock pic

DM: In preparation for our interview, (I always do my homework on each artist), so I googled ‘Enock’ to check out any weblinks and so forth. One of the first results was a definition of the word from (hence, the above reference). I’m going to assume this was the intention and inspiration behind the name?

Yes, the name was based off of the Biblical character Enoch who “Walked with God”. There are a few interesting and mysterious passages about him, of which I was always intrigued about.

DM: Upon our initial introduction, you mentioned you’re currently “building an aura around folk-house, allowing fans to explore indie folk with an electric vibe.” What is it about this genre that draws you to this type of sound? 

“My family, on my dad’s side, literally traces back to a number of Cowboys out West. Cherokee blood also runs in my veins, so I became inspired to go back to my roots, through my music, while introducing listeners to a new folk-electronic vibe! I have experimented with different types of chill music, including chillstep and melodic dubstep, but I never really settled into it. Folk electronic mixes has been a relatively new venture/idea, and this sound has brought a lot of success to some of my bigger tracks, like my John Mayer remix. I felt I needed something to set me apart, and that was FOLK.”  

DM: How did you end up discovering your interest in producing music? How did you start learning?

“I grew up taking piano lessons, but never learned to read music well. Instead I would just play by ear, improving and creating melodies that I liked. My parents got me a keyboard one year, for my Birthday, and I would mess around with it, trying out different things. I don’t play guitar, but the sound of an acoustic, mixed with electronic elements sounds so amazing to me. I realized that an organic, natural feel to my music is vital to its acceptance from listeners.”  

DM: Is there anyone you would consider a mentor?

“Unfortunately, there is nobody in production that has mentored me. It has been a trial by error sort of thing, and only my love for music has kept me going. Blackmill is an artist that inspired me to give producing music a try.  I’m finally at a point where I am starting to have real potential in my sound. Of course my parents have encouraged me, as they always have, which is awesome!”

DM: Have you experimented with any original tracks as of yet?  

“I have experimented with several original tracks, but none have really panned out.  I usually end up thinking that I could have done something better, and delete it from soundcloud. Here’s an example of an original, called Arrowhead (courtesy AutumnFeels youtube)”

 DM: I think it sounds great! Especially being a self taught original! Definitely continue working on more! Do you see yourself collaborating with anyone in the near future? Even better, if you could pick anyone to collaborate with, who would it be?

“Definitely… I actually contacted Australian Indie Vocalist, Emma Carn, who has collaborated with artists like Kungs and others, and asked her if she wanted to cover a Lane 8 track with me.  She seems interested, and I’m hoping by the end of March there will be something in the works!  Hmmm,… I don’t know who else I’d want to work with yet.  I feel a little out of my league mentioning bigger artists yet, since my production skills are still being honed.  ” 

 DM: That’s a good answer… humble, and you can’t go wrong with that! Yeah, I myself am a fan of Emma, Kungs and Lane 8, definitely! I love Emma’s voice and I think it could compliment your style perfectly 🙂  You guys should definitely work out that “Youth” track though! LOL!  Some greed on my part, but I already know it would be amazing! Also, one my favorite original House tracks from 2014 is Lane 8 and Bipolar Sunshine – I Got What You Need ( Every Night)!

DM: What are you currently working with as far as instruments, programs, etc?

“I work with Logic X, which is ok for where I’m at right now. I have a keyboard at home, but I haven’t used it much recently, since I’m at school most of the year”

DM: Speaking of school, you mentioned that you’re currently majoring in Philosophy at a school outside of Boston?

“Yes, I attend Gordon College, a Christian Liberal Arts College outside of Boston.  It’s got a very hipster feel, and there’s actually a lot of talented musicians here that I’d love to work with!”

DM: So, what made made you pursue a Philosophy degree?

“I’m a critical thinker.  I enjoy ideas, and Philosophy is a big part of who I am, and my pursuit of truth (or lack of it).  I was raised in a Christian home, and now becoming my own man. Trying to figure out what it is I believe in and stand for.  I am also considering a Communication Arts major, because I love film, photography, and different mediums of communication.”

DM: As I understand, you play Soccer for your school as well. And you’re actually very good at it. All American recipient kind of good at it. If you had a choice to be a world famous soccer player or a world famous DJ, which would you choose? 

“I have played soccer since I was three, so in some ways it’s been the main story of my life.  I love soccer, and have had a lot of success in college, and am hoping that there will be more good things to come.  I’m not a big guy, and if someone looked at me I doubt they would say “There’s an athlete,” which I don’t mind. I think of myself more as an artist.  🙂 That’s a tough question! I think it would be amazing to travel and play music as a DJ 🙂

DM:  So, back to music, you’re currently working on another remix, what can we expect from this remix?

 I am working on a remix of a track called Deer Creek Canyon, a very earthy song about roots and going back home. It’s a beautiful song, with a very longing feel. I’ve been taking my time with the remix, because I want to do the artist justice! Check out the original, by Sera Cahoone

DM: That is a beautiful song and I can already hear your fix on it!  It’s going to be awesome… can’t wait to hear it. Your last Ben Howard mix “Under the Same Sun”, of which I have to say is looking like my personal favorite 🙂 It has such a natural, but unexpected vibe to it. Almost reminds me a little of a  Bearson-esque style, with “Let it Go”, (which is meant as a compliment)! There’s this extra bounce, head-bobbing groove accompanying an intimate original track, that was probably meant for laying in the grass on a sunny day.  It’s a flawless mix of the two and it’s refreshing to hear. 

” Ohhhhh yes, the Ben Howard remix is special.  I contacted a couple of brothers (twins actually) at Gordon (my college), because they play the viola and violin. I had heard the Hagen’s play before, and I thought that it would be beautiful to add some flavor to my remix by adding their violin and viola to the mix!  I also just finished up a remix of “Bloom” by The Paper Kites, which is a gorgeous song introduced to me by my good friend Gaines. Bloom represents the lovely acoustic qualities in a track that make a great fit for remix.  My goal is to add to what the original artist created, and keep the natural feel of the original track.  I have been working recently on the quality of my productions, and trying to get the most of my mastering, which is not easy since I’ve never had anyone to show me the best way.

DM: That’s awesome! I definitely love the strings in that piece, so good eye – or I should say ear!  Last question!… Ultimately, what would make 2015 an amazing year for you? Growth in digital fan base/followers?  Locking down collaborations? Booking appearances, live shows? Producing an original EP?… Or are you just planning to do a little bit of it all? 🙂

“Yeah, I’d love to do some more collaborations with artists, whether local or from other areas of the world. The best thing for me would be to really learn patience with my productions, I tend to rush a bit sometimes, which isn’t great for quality.  One of my old coaches used to say “You can’t hide quality.” That saying rings true.  I have big dreams for my music, but right now I’m taking it one day at a time.” 🙂


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