An Exclusive Dendera MIXTAPE Premiere! | Finis Mundi | Visionary!

Ladies and Gents… A 2nd edition of this Composer/Producer’s work in an evolving SHOWCASE that gets you up close and personal with some of Dendera Music’s Favorite Artists, DJ’s & Producers! DM presents to you…

 Finis Mundi… Part II


The Swedish based, SAE Stockholm Alumni, has emerged with several independent mixes that have gained some serious attention online. With confidence and calculation, he seems to have the right idea as to how he plans on achieving his dreams and confiscating the MOON… 😉

UPDATE!!… Dendera is so excited to present to you this ambient, cozy and chillaxed Exclusive Guest Mix from Finis Mundi! Now kick back and wind down with this creative mind that has just barely begun to tap into the core of his talents. Lucky for us, we get to ride along while he explores the depth and boundaries of his unique sound!

DM: What was your inspiration for this mix?

My mix is mostly focused to be more personal, it’s a showcase of tracks that inspires me in my way of producing!… But also a way to discover some different music! Mixtapes has always been a bit personal. It’s a way to show the listener what you’re all about.   Finis Mundi is… A lot of focus on pretty much everything, but the main goal for this set, was not just to put out another “Clubby” mix. I wanted to work with the “cozy stuff” and hopefully expose my fans & followers to some new and different music!

DM: SO, what’s new with you since our conversation, October last year?

What’s new with me? A more mature Finis Mundi, I have developed this sound for more than a year now, if people would have look deeper into my studio computer, you would find tons of drafts with familiar sound. This is the true face of what I want to achieve as the Artist. I want to stay with it. I want to be recognized as that Finis Mundi who has that sound! I’m not tropical at all – my sound represents the nature and the urbanYou could say that the city ain’t far away from the Nature. It somehow creates a cozy atmosphere.”

DM: Wow, that’s deep! And I think it’s smart. The Tropical House treasure trove is getting quite crowded these days. I think people will really appreciate something fresh, or I should say SOMEONE.  And I think you hit the nail on the head, connecting with your music as the nature and the urban.  Now that I consider that fact, it compliments the sound of the mixtape nicely!

People should expect the next level compared from the last year. 2014 was the warmup! The million milestone I achieved proves that 100 000 plays can easily turn out to a million! I expect more from myself this year! The disadvantage though is that I sense that some blogs are afraid to invest in something that is a little different, but that’s also the only way to create something new, right?”

DM: You got that right! I think it’s great to have worked with you over this journey, and this is why I enjoy creating Dendera!  I’m not scared, because I have nothing to lose, nor prove to people. I do this because I enjoy it and it’s very exciting to watch artists, like you and Mozambo, take off because you guys deserve it!

“What a journey, huh!? It was the beginning of October that I reached 100k plays, and suddenly I’m looking at 1 million!

Track List:

  • Lowercase Noises – Rushes
  • Monsieur Adi ft. Electric Youth – Some Kind of Love
  • EMBRZ – Awake
  • Nick Leng – Inside your Mind (ft. Carmody)
  • Hopium – Dreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
  • Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like you Do (Finis Mundi & Melou Remix)
  • Chelsea Lankes vs EMBRZ – Visions (DJ Topsider Mix)

Download here!:

Finis Mundi is a composer/producer from Stockholm, Sweden. For more music and updates follow him on:







  All the Best! ❤



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